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Lanzhou Institute of Physics (LIP), established on 1962, belongs to Chinese Academy of Space Technology. It has become one of the most important bases for the research and development of space and technology in china afte r50 years development.

During the years, the institute has developed into a comprehensive research institution with integrated research programs, including vacuum technology and engineering, cryogenic technology, space micro-gravity technology, engineering electronics, electric propulsion, and manufacturing technology of titanium alloy containers. It not only undertakes the research, developments, tests and production of the above multi-disciplines in space science and technology, but also deals with the research and development of engineering technology as well as the exploration of fundamental science by combining applied technology. It now constitutes the following major research laboratories and centers, including Science and Technology on Vacuum &Cryogenics Technology and Physics Laboratory, Science and Technology on Surface Engineering Laboratory,DC-DC Research Center, Ionic Propulsion Research Center, etc. Among them, there are two national research centers, three state key laboratories. In addition, the institute holds 4 joint venture enterprises.

At present, there are more than 800 staffs in the institute. LIP has 15 administrative departments , 9 laboratories ,including 2 national key laboratories, 2 business divisions, 4 companies, and 1 Branch of Shenzhou College with its main object in graduate education and staff training.

LIP has set up firmed relationship a number of well-known companies and universities in space technology of the world, meanwhile, LIP has founded “International Joint Research  Laboratory  for Electric  Propulsion of CAST-LIP” with Italy excellent companies , forming regular mechanism for academic exchange and endurance cooperation

The institute has made great and significant contributions to developing Chinese space science and technology and is expected to make many more splendid achievements in the future.

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