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LIP and Italy Alta cooperation in the establishment of Sino-Italian joint laboratory of electric propulsion
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During the September 24, 2013, held in the sixty-fourth session of the International Astronautical Congress, LIP with the Italy Alta company  held a Sino-Italian joint laboratory of electric propulsion signing ceremony, President Zhang Weiwen and the director of Alta company respectively, representing the two sides signed the Sino-Italian joint laboratory of electric propulsion framework agreement, accompanied by Wang Xiaojun deputy director attended the signing ceremony. By the Italy government commissioned, Italy in China embassy counselor counselor and industrial technology were also attended the ceremony.


Recently, with the increase of LIP  tasks and follow on satellite platform to promote the technology requirements for electricity, where LIP carry out their R & D research at the same time, the fast break and promote actively through international cooperation channels to achieve the related technologies, combined with laboratory as an important way and means of international cooperation, playing an increasingly important role in the technical innovation work. Long time research and I survey conducted by, and communication with a number of units, which lasted 1 years, to determine the partners.

Alta company  is in the technical field of a leading technology strength of European business space electric propulsion, founded in 1999, is the predecessor of the electric propulsion research division of the University of Pisa in Italy, electric propulsion technology R & D prior experience with 30 years, the main research field is the space electric propulsion technology, chemical propulsion. The company as EADS only certified electric thruster performance evaluation and test of enterprise, service to the German EADS Astrium, France, Holland and Spain in the European aerospace division.

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