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Spain Crisa company delegations visited LIP
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Based on the 2013 since IIP had with the Spanish Crisa multiple communication and exchange, recently, Crisa sent a company of power & ground department minister Jami Adolf a two people visited LIP, and LIP officially docking of large power systems PPU electric propulsion (power processing unit) of the joint research and development work.


The Science and Technology Committee Director Chen Xuekang chaired the technical exchanges for a period of two days of will, the Republic of China Office of the director of Wang Yunfei, the two power division general manager Wang Weiguo, related technology, management personnel and Crise company experts attending the meeting. During the meeting, the both sides for the high power PPU design, the overall circuit structure design, technical performance, single key cooperation mode content carried out extensive and in-depth exchanges and communication, and signed the minutes of the meeting after the meeting, a clear follow-up work plan, which lay a good foundation for the two sides in the project of technical cooperation.

Spain Crisa companies was founded in 1985, is affiliated to the European AIRBUS DEFENCE&SPACE group, is an important European star, star power, electronic control system, data processing, electric propulsion power system supplier. Crisa company in the GOCE satellite for the British T5 ion thruster developed power processing unit (PPU), its first flight in 2009, currently implemented in orbit validation PPU products reached more than 700, occupy the main European electric propulsion power system market.


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