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Italy Alta company delegations visited LIP
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Since 2013 September, formally signed the Sino-Italian joint laboratory of electric propulsion framework agreement, according to the content of cooperation I and Italy electric propulsion company (ALTA) conducted a number of exchanges and visits. Recently, Mr. Marian President of ALTA, a line of three people visit I, further negotiate the exchange cooperation content and subsequent push matters. I'm Zhang Weiwen director, science and Technology Commission Director Chen Xuekang, civil industry and the international business department, office of research and development and electric propulsion laboratory, two power division took part in the exchange meeting.


The meeting chaired by the science and Technology Committee Director Chen Xuekang, first of all to my electric propulsion development process were introduced in detail. Subsequently, the electric propulsion development company president Mr Marian Nor ALTA on ALTA is described in detail, and make key introduction to electric propulsion technology and the main products, at the same time I electric propulsion technology development to be sure, expressed full confidence and I have to carry out electric propulsion technology cooperation charge, clear and operation mode I have the focus of cooperation and joint laboratory. Finally, director Zhang Weiwen on behalf of the ALTA I warmly welcome and heartfelt thanks to the support and trust of ALTA given to 510 electric propulsion work, Zhang director also said space unit two exotic concentric same development history of the electric propulsion based on joint laboratory will be based on the cooperative development projects run in cooperation 5KW Holzer thruster, high-power PPU, advanced diagnostic system, hollow cathode and so on many projects, and cooperation between the two governments in China under the background of the Italian electric propulsion joint laboratory make become China and Italy electric propulsion cooperation platform, make the electric propulsion technology to a new level, welcome calls common propulsion technology development in the spring.


At present, in order to improve the level of professional and technical capacity, further enhance the core competitiveness, I actively implement the "going out" strategy, the initiative to go out of the country, the establishment of contact space unit and abroad with advanced science and technology experience, in terms of high power PPU, Sterling electric field detector such as refrigerant, carried out extensive and in-depth international cooperation, the establishment of the technical cooperation and exchange of basic good and stable and reliable cooperation channel. Unlike in the past, the ALTA and is based on the Joint Laboratory for the carrier to carry out international cooperation, belong to my first attempt, which at the same time, the exchange and cooperation is my so international cooperation as a means to carry out the good beginning of international business cooperation, promote international cooperation in height and level, new channels of new mode, I the relevant functional departments will continue to explore the development of international cooperation, closely around the space market demand to carry out the work, to escort the overall development of our institute.



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